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Live where you can walk places. You can get exercise, accomplish errands, get to work, and have fun in a car-free manner by living close to places you regularly go.

Small or
Live in a small space. Own or rent only what you need for living space. Save the time, expense, and energy use of maintaining, cleaning, heating, cooling, and financing a large place.

BudgetMake a Budget
Spend less than you make by budgeting. Create a budget and follow common-sense financial guidelines. This site has free information to help motivate you to keep your financial life simple.

Reduce Reuse or
Get rid of stuff by giving it to people who can use it. This helps reduce waste through the re-use of items and helps you get rid of stuff that still has some value but which is a hassle to sell--very useful for doing the clutter triage. At the very last resort (if you can't re-use an item or give it to someone who can), check out options at Recycle Nation. and
Reduce unwanted postal mail. Sign up for the mail preference service and use to stop all pre-approved credit card offers from coming to you for life.
Stop telemarketers from calling you for life. Register on the do-not-call list for telemarketing.

Internet Web and use online security awareness and protection
Protect yourself online. The Internet's potential value to you for information and communication may be great, but be sure to keep security precautions in mind to avoid scams, problems, data loss, and other complications.

BicycleBikeShare and
Ride a bicycle. Own your bike or use shared bikes for a bicycle when you need it.
Use public transportation to get around. Transit can save time, money, hassle, the environment, and your health. Public transportation gets you where you want to go and saves you all the overhead costs and hassles of paying for and maintaining a vehicle dedicated solely to yourself.

Car Car and Ride-Sharing
Rent a car only for the time you need one. Pay only for when you need a car and be car-free otherwise. Registered users can rent a car easily by the hour or day and pick up and return the vehicles at stations throughout a metro area.

People Places People Places
Seek out living spaces that are oriented to human beings. Since I see a simple life as being well-suited to an urban environment where public transit is available, I prepared this site to provide information about pedestrian-oriented places, enabled by transit, which are pleasant and healthy locations to live, work, shop, and play. Includes a set of links to a variety of sites about issues such as walkability and urban environments.

Check Credit
Check your credit report regularly. Monitor possible identity theft or credit reporting issues. You can get free, annual credit reports from major credit reporting agencies.

Affluenza a Public Broadcasting Service program from KCTS Seattle, Washington.
Let go of stuff. This is a delightful companion to a PBS television series from years ago. The Web site here is still very useful and gives specific tips for simplifying your life by acquiring less. Includes excellent viewer's guide as well as teacher's guide. Again, don't let the fact that the TV series is over (you shouldn't watch TV anyway!), but use this online information to gain some excellent tips. This is a great, non-threatening place to start for people who are just getting into the idea of voluntary simplicity.

Clark Howard
Common-sense consumer empowerment.

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