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Are you close to what matters? Are you living where you are right now because you moved there to follow a job, educational opportunity, or relationship? Is that job, educational opportunity, or relationship still in your life? Are you sticking around where you are just because it feels familiar?

Love your city

Being in the right place is crucial to simplifying your life. In the right place, you'll have the resources, motivation, and energy to aim for your dreams. In the wrong place, you will be bogged down by commuting times, inefficiencies, and a lack of excitement and motivation.

Can you say this, "I love where I live!"? If not, do you imagine that there is somewhere else in the country or the world where you'd be happy? A warmer place? A more exciting place? A place with more opportunities in your field of interest? Or a place with a slower pace of life?

Is there a city that is right for you? Allow yourself to dream and think about the possibilities without restrictions. Later on, you can decide if and how you will go there.

To pick a dream city, start out by looking at the whole world. Where in the world would you like to be?

Your life in your dream city is going to be much simpler if you live in the center of your daily activity.

Live close to what matters

An ideal way of living is to walk to work, routine shopping, and cultural events. However, modern urban development often thwarts this arrangement, and suburban planning and development is usually openly antagonistic toward a pedestrian way of life.

Take the attitude that you are seeking a place that supports what you want to do. You are not seeking to live in a fortress away from the world or a generic suburb. You are seeking to live where you can follow your heart's desire. In many cases, urban neighborhoods or small city centers can give you this.

Having the right home is all about balancing location with features and price.

Have the right home

If you have chosen the quarter of the city based on proximity to what is important to you, the next step is find a home within the neighborhoods of that quarter to best support your needs.

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