Unix Command Summary
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Command Purpose
date displays current date and time
history displays previous commands you made
uname displays system name
env shows your environment settings
who displays who is on the system
cal displays calendar
clear sets your Unix window with the prompt at the top and blank space below
bc basic calculator (Control/D) to stop
quota display your quota and usage
man displays Unix manual page on command
whatis displays short definition of command
Files and Directories
mkdir make directory
cd change directory
pwd display present working directory
ls list files in pwd
cat display file contents
more display file screenful at time
diff compare file contents
touch touch a file; create it if it doesn't exist
cp copy file
mv move file
rm remove (delete) file
rmdir remove (delete) directory
chmod change access permissions
vi visual editor
spell spell checker
ispell interactive spell checker
wc word, line, character count
Text Filtering
echo echo input
grep search for pattern in file
egrep search for pattern in file using regular expressions
sort display sorted content
sed stream editor
awk pattern scanning and processing language
mail mail session
ftp file transfer protocol
telnet telnet to computer host
passwd change your password
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