Analysis Checklist
Point Evaluate if the web... Evaluation
A Attempts to reach an audience that has and will use Web access Audience is very willing to use Web access and are actively involved in developing and using Web information.
B Contributes new information (accomplishes goals that haven't already been done) There are many sources of information about Web development online, but few emphasize a methodology/process approach; this web adds that dimension
C Is self-consistent (its purpose matches its objectives and specifications) I need to narrow the purpose more to evoke this web's particularly strengths; I need to sharpen the objective so that it is clear to what depth I'm currently reaching. I need to make the specification more precise--how much info will I deploy here? What specific HTML level am I conforming to?
D Is correct (the domain information it presents is accurate, up-to-date, and complete) The domain information is actually more updated than what I've written in the references. I need to define other domains and references to strengthen the breadth of information offered.
E Is accessed in a balanced manner, both in terms of its own files and in terms of outside links into it Server logs show that this web is among the most-accessed in my Web space; The HTML Station, however, has more accesses, although that information is less important, in my opinion; I need to do more publicity on what is different about this web and broaden the information offered--first, by extending the example information.
F Is accomplishing objectives that meet the needs of the users I have a survey to find out about the users and ask for comments and suggestions;
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