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ISSN 1076-027X / Volume 3, Number 1 / January 1, 1996

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Publisher's Page
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* Guest Editor's Page
Charles Ess introduces this special issue on the philosophical perspectives of the free speech debate in computer-mediated communication. This issue's goal is to present philosophical argument to approach greater clarity and possible consensus on the issues of free speech online.

* The Genesis of this Special Issue
CMC Magazine assistant editor Kevin Hunt traces the genesis of this special issue from our August 1995 issue on the "cyberporn" controversy.

Philosophical Perspectives on Free Speech and CMC

* Sexually Explicit Materials and the Internet
Douglas Birsch describes the kinds of material on the Internet and its categorization. From a philosophical perspective, this material suggests some definitions and implications for legal and human rights.

* A Dialogical Perspective of Feminism and Pornography
Robert Cavalier shatters the idea that debate on pornography need only follow a liberal or conservative view. There are other ways of considering and discussing pornography using a dialogical approach.

* A Plea to Ignore the Consequences of Free Speech
Susan Dwyer asks us to reject consquentialist terms in debating the limits on free speech; instead, she calls for a position in which those who argue to restrict pornography and hate speech must say something more about the ways in which these things threaten some people's substantive equality.

* Wizards, Toads, and Ethics
Wes Cooper reflects on his experiences as a founder and administrator of a MOO and the ethical issues his experience raised.

* A Plea for Understanding--Beyond False Dilemmas on the Net
Charles Ess establishes another way out of the apparent dilemma between unrestricted free speech and egregious censorship.

The U. S. Congress isn't thinking globally...

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