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Milwaukee, Wisconsin Tallest Buildings

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These are tall buildings in Milwaukee sorted by tallest to shortest in terms of architectural height.

Tall buildings are not the only component of a healthy urban landscape, but when placed and designed well, tall buildings do triple duty by: (1) making the best environmental use of scarce urban land, (2) powering economic activity and compact, walkable urbanism, particularly when paired with transit-oriented development, and (3) generating revenue supportive of the entire city. Tall buildings reflect land value and provide benefits by translating that land value into residences, offices, commercial activities, retail, destinations, and jobs. Tall buildings can be an environmentally sound component of city development. (See: my essay regarding tall buildings and development.)

Milwaukee is home to the tallest buildings in the State of Wisconsin. Madison's tallest building is the Wisconsin State Capitol at 284 feet (86 meters), completed 1917. Green Bay's tallest building is the Bellin Building at 98 feet (30 meters), completed 1915.

In the listing, I provide a numerical rank for buildings over 200 feet (60 meters) tall because I had complete set of data on the heights of those buildings in the database (which, unfortunately, has been discontinued). Buildings under 200' (60 m) tall and over 100' (30 m) tall are listed where known, but because I do not have a complete listing of those buildings, I do not include a numerical ranking.

The heights shown are rounded to the nearest foot and tenth of a meter.

The link on the name of the building takes you to official information or a Web page about the building.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Notable Tall Buildings

City Rank BuildingAddressFloorsHeight (ft)Height (m)Done
1US Bank Center777 E Wisconsin Ave42601183.2  1973
2Northwestern Mutual Tower815 E Mason St35550167.6  2017
3100 E Wisconsin100 E Wisconsin Ave37549167.3  1989
4The Couture909 E Michigan St44537163.7  2024
5University Club Tower825 N Prospect Ave36446135.9  2007
6Associated Bank River Center111 E Kilbourn Ave28426129.8  1988
7411 E Wisconsin Center411 E Wisconsin Ave30408124.4  1985
8Northwestern Mutual North Building818 E Mason St19395120.4  1990*
97Seventy7777 N Van Buren St34387118.0  2018
10Kilbourn Tower923 E Kilbourn Ave33380115.8  2005
11Milwaukee City Hall200 E Wells St15353107.6  1895
12Landmark on the Lake1660 N Prospect Ave28350106.7  1991
13The Moderne1141 N Dr ML King Jr Dr30348106.1  2012
14333 N Water St333 N Water St31347105.8  2024
15American Family Field1 Brewers Way4330100.6  2001
16BMO Tower790 N Water St25328100.0  2020
17Potawatomi Casino Hotel Tower I1721 W Canal St2130793.6  2014
181000 N Water St1000 N Water St1629690.2  1991
19Yankee Hill Apartments South Tower626 E Kilbourn Ave2329389.3  1987
20Chase Tower111 E Wisconsin Ave2228887.8  1961
21The Ascent700 E Kilbourn Ave2528486.6  2022
22Allen-Bradley Clock Tower1201 S 2nd St1728386.3  1962
23St. Johns on the Lake North Tower1848 N Prospect Ave2228085.3  2020
24770 North770 N Water St2127784.4  1969
25Bay View Terrace2525 S Shore Dr2527583.8  1964
26Hilton Milwaukee City Center509 W Wisconsin Ave2527483.5  1927
27Diamond Tower1633 N Prospect Ave2126781.5  1982
28St. Johns on the Lake South Tower1800 N Prospect Ave2126781.5  2011
29Cathedral Place555 E Wells St1926681.2  2004
30Regency House929 N Astor St2726580.8  1969
31Juneau Village B1009 N Jackson St2726480.5  1965
32The Breakwater1313 N Franklin Pl2126079.2  2009
33833 East Michigan833 E Michigan St1725878.6  2016
34633 Building633 W Wisconsin Ave2025276.8  1962
35Gas Light Building624 E Wisconsin Ave2125076.2  1965
36The Pfister Hotel Tower424 E Wisconsin Ave2025076.2  1965
37Basilica of St. Josaphat2333 S 6th St125076.2  1897
38Locust Court Apartments1350 E Locust St2425076.2  1969
39Arlington Court Apartments1633 N Arlington Pl2425076.2  1969
40Wisconsin Tower606 W Wisconsin Ave2125076.0  1930
41UWM Sandburg Hall North Tower3400 N Maryland Ave2724374.1  1971
42Yankee Hill Apartments North Tower626 E State St1924273.8  1987
43Riverview Apartments1300 E Kane Pl1924273.8  1964
44Potawatomi Casino Hotel Tower II1721 W Canal St1924273.8  2019
45Hyatt Regency333 W Kilbourn Ave1822969.9  1973
46250 Plaza250 E Wisconsin Ave1822969.9  1980
47Marquette University Straz Tower915 W Wisconsin Ave1822969.9  1954
48Cudahy Tower925 E Wells St1622468.3  1928
49Park Lafayette North Tower2036 N Prospect Ave2022167.4  2009
50Park Lafayette South Tower2036 N Prospect Ave2022167.4  2009
51Tower Apartments1100 W Wells St1922067.1  1970
52Prospect Tower1626 N Prospect Ave2321766.1  1964
53City Center at 735735 N Water St1621665.8  1914
54AT&T Center722 N Broadway1921364.9  1924
55Wells Building324 E Wisconsin Ave1521264.6  1901
56310W310 W Wisconsin Ave1421064.0  1983
57Edgewater Terrace1707 N Prospect Ave1720361.9  1967
The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (steeple)812 N Jackson St319559.4  1853
UWM EMS Building3200 N Cramer St1219358.8  1971
1522 on the Lake1522 N Prospect Ave1819258.5  2003
UWM Sandburg Hall South Tower3400 N Maryland Ave2019158.2  1973
Marquette University Carpenter Tower1032 W Wisconsin Ave1618054.9  1922
330 Kilbourn (NW tower)330 E Kilbourn Ave1417854.3  1982
330 Kilbourn (SE tower)330 E Kilbourn Ave1417854.3  1984
UWM Sandburg Hall East Tower3400 N Maryland Ave1817753.9  2001
First Financial Centre200 E Wisconsin Ave1417152.1  1929
Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building841 N Broadway1317051.7  1960
The Lodgewood1121 N Waverly Pl1316650.5  1954
Milwaukee Athletic Club758 N Broadway1216048.8  1917
United States Courthouse and Federal Building517 E Wisconsin Ave8115547.2  1892
UWM Sandburg Hall West Tower3400 N Maryland Ave1615547.2  1971
UWM Enderis Hall2400 E Hartford Ave1115446.9  1972
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church (steeple)844 N Broadway115045.7  1866
UWM Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex3135 N Maryland Ave515045.7  2015
Convent Hill Apartments455 E Ogden Ave1114042.7  2008
Cathedral Church of All Saints (steeple)818 E Juneau Ave214042.7  1891
Northwestern Mutual Home Office720 E Wisconsin Ave813741.7  1912
Juneau Village A1029 N Jackson St1413240.2  1971
Juneau Village C1129 N Jackson St1413240.2  1971
Railway Exchange Building229 E Wisconsin Ave1213039.6  1901
Huron Building511 N Broadway1112939.3  2020
MGIC Headquarters Building250 E Kilbourn Ave1012738.8  1972
St Kate's Arts Hotel139 E Kilbourn Ave1012738.8  1987
MSOE Hermann Viets Tower/ Roy W. Johnson Residence Hall1121 N Milwaukee St1312538.1  2021
Sentinel Building225 E Mason St912437.8  1892
Commission House Condominiums400 N Broadway1012237.2  1911
Mackie Building225 E Michigan St812036.6  1880
The Pfister Hotel424 E Wisconsin Ave812036.4  1893
601 Lofts601 E Ogden Ave1011735.6  2007
City Hall Square Apartments104 E Mason St811535.1  1909
The Westin Milwaukee550 N Van Buren St911534.9  2017
Streetcar Flats (Underwriter's Exchange Building)828 N Broadway911534.9  1924
731 North Jackson St731 N Jackson St911534.9  1929
Viking Apartments1717 E Kane Pl911033.5  1931
Mitchell Building207 E Michigan St610532.0  1876
The Blackstone709 E Juneau Ave910532.0  1915
The Grain Exchange225 E Michigan St910431.7  1935
MSOE Margaret Loock Residence Hall324 E Juneau Ave1110431.6  1967
The Astor Hotel924 E Juneau Ave810231.1  1920
City Green Apartments South Building1100 N Cass St810231.1  2007
Cathedral Square Building788 N Jefferson St810231.1  1968
Exton Apartments1260 N Prospect Ave910030.5  1938
St. Hedwig Roman Catholic Church (steeple)1702 N Humboldt Ave110030.5  1886

Data Sources:, database (which was discontinued),,,,, SkyDB, Urban Milwaukee, local media, and observations along the route.

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