Milwaukee MKE: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Explore Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; The largest city in Wisconsin has been known for more than a century for its beer, but Milwaukee also is much more--a city with a beautiful setting on Lake Michigan, many festivals, colleges, businesses, Harleys, theater, a rich arts scene, and genuine people. Milwaukee, founded over 175 years ago, sits at the confluence of three rivers and today provides a meeting place for conventions, festivals, and business. Milwaukee's emergence as a major national city at the start of the twentieth century marked its importance as a port and business center, but also as a destination for immigrants. Milwaukee in the 21st century is the cultural, industrial, business, education, media, and tourism capital of Wisconsin and its only racially diverse large city; Milwaukee has more young people, more college students, more businesses, more workers, etc., than any other city in Wisconsin.

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