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Simplicity is all about streamlining your life. Simplicity involves freeing your time, money, and energy so that you can pay more attention to what is important to you.

This ebook gives you practical (and sometimes radical) ideas to simplify your life. These ideas will help you manage your possessions, choose and arrange the place where you live, streamline your daily routine, support your dreams, and use resources to support your life's goals. Simplicity offers you savings in time, money, and energy. Most importantly, simplicity is fun because you get more time for your passions.

This ebook is not a quick fix, nor will it solve all your problems. I assume that you are ready and willing to make changes in your life and that you are willing to do some work and change your habits in order to benefit from the suggestions.

Not everything listed here will be for you. Think of it as a catalog of possible tactics you can use to simplify your life. I don't think that you will use every tactic, but I hope that you find many tactics in this ebook that genuinely simplify your life.

This ebook is for anyone who wants a simpler life

My goal is not to turn you into a monk or a cabin-dwelling misfit. Rather, I want to give you practical suggestions for making your life simpler. I want to help you see that you don't have to live without breathing room for yourself. You don't have to continue to accumulate things as a mark of progress. You don't have to live in a way that places stress on yourself or the environment. Most importantly, you don't have to get lost in the trivia of life at the expense of what matters to you.

Look for the tactics in this ebook

The "meat" of this ebook are the tactics for simplicity. These are specific suggestions for simplifying your life, and you can find them quickly in the section by their typographic appearance: They will be highlighted like this.

Look for the case studies in this ebook

Within each section, you'll find fictional case studies designed to illustrate the simplicity suggestions of this ebook. We'll revisit the case studies introduced in the previous section, "You can simplify your life," and find out how Kyle, Maggie, George, Kevin, and Denielle work to simplify their lives. They will be highlighted like this.

Look for the tips in this ebook

You'll also find a variety of tips within each section. These tips give you ideas about implementing the tactics or thinking about the information presented. They will be highlighted like this.

Get started

You can start the process of simplifying your life right now. You've already raised your awareness about potential complexity in your life if you've thought about the case studies in the previous section, "You can simplify your life," Each of the main sections of this ebook covers a separate topic area, and you can read these sections in any order. You'll find links to these sections at the top of every page of this ebook.

You can begin immediately to reduce the clutter, complications, and costs of your life.

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