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NOTE: Like any work, this one is biased.

There are many paths to simplicity, and so in presenting this work to you, I want to share what framework I have worked from so that you can evaluate the ideas here and how they may be relevant to you.

First, I don't believe that accumulating possessions is the most important activity in life. I believe that things can trap people in unsatisfying lives. I make suggestions which some people may find radical. For example, I suggest that you get rid of any television set you own. I also suggest that you not own a car. These suggestions may seem extreme, but I will explain in "Rule Your Stuff" how all the stuff you own costs you in terms of time, money, and energy. I will also explain how you can live without a car and thrive without a television.

Next, my advice for choosing a place to live will recommend living in a city. There are ways that you could live simply in any environment, but I've found that, in a city, your needs can usually be met with a smaller use of resources that tax the earth's environment and are more sustainable. A city's services are much, much more compact to support an indvidual person than a person in a rural area or in a country living environment--but that is not to say that simple country living might be your best choice for simplicity. I don't suggest that someone must necessarily live in one of the largest cities, but one adequate to life's goals. I explain in "Optimize Your Place" how choosing a place to live that meets your needs can greatly simplify and enrich your life.

Third, I have observed discipline in habits helps to simplify your life. In "Hone Your Routine," I suggest that self-control and consistency in some of your daily routines can greatly simplify your life. I believe that sometimes sacrificing immediate gratification can help simplify your life.

Fourth, I believe that following your heart's desire is a great motivator, and that motivation is a key to simplicity. In fact, your personal goals are the whole point of working to simplify your life. In "Live Your Dream," I will suggest that you state, in writing, what you want to do in your life. This statement can motivate you to act on the simplicity suggestions in this ebook. Most importantly, this dream statement is key to a rich, simple life because simplicity is not just about sacrifice and following rules, but getting rid of the clutter so that you can follow your dreams.

Finally, I am an advocate of getting help from others and helping others. Participating in a community can help you, and perhaps even come to be one of your main goals in life. In "Tap into Resources," I suggest participating in a network of friends and associates. I also recommend the use of the Internet and World Wide Web for communication and information. The Internet has become an essential information resource that can save you enormous amounts of time and money. I will describe how to use the Internet well and cheaply.

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