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The exercises in the previous section are a great way to brainstorm what you truly want. But don't stop there--a vaguely defined dream will probably only taunt you with vague yearnings for something you can't describe. Be willing to express your dream.

TACTIC: Take time to contemplate your dream and then state it simply and honestly in writing.

Go for a walk, or spend an afternoon at an art gallery, library, or other quiet place where you can contemplate.

Be willing to consider your true heart's desire. Don't worry about the how you are going to make it happen.

Develop an honest statement--in one sentence--of what you would really love to do. Remember, this isn't your parent's dream. This isn't the dream that your fifth grade teacher wanted for you. It will take courage to state your dream, particularly if it is different than your current lifestyle or what you think people expect of you.

For example, you might be a nuclear physicist, nearing the peak of your career, with an impressive array of publications, but what you really would like to do is teach gardening and have time for bird watching. You may find yourself living in a beautiful house with a beautiful lawn and a beautiful spouse. But you spend all your spare time maintaining them all. Yet you yearn to be a painter, live in a garret, and even starve a little. Write down your dream.

TACTIC: Tell your dream to others.

You will become more confident about your dream when you state it to other people. Your dream will seem more "real."

When you tell others about your dream, you may generate unexpected opportunities and support for it. For example, letting others know that you would like to travel more might generate more travel opportunities in your present job. Sometimes getting what you want is just a matter of asking for it.

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