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Do you know your dream? Not just what you tell other people what you'd like to do, but what you truly want for your life?

CASE STUDY: Kyle isn't satisfied with his job as an engineer.

TACTIC: Brainstorm your dream by quickly answering hypothetical questions and examining the pattern they reveal.

Answer the following questions honestly and quickly with the first thing that comes to your mind.

What would you do with your life if...

Answering hypothetical questions can give you insight into your true motivation. Is there a pattern in your answers to the questions?

These questions should force you to look behind what you might assume to be your dream. For example, you might assume that your dream is to have lots of money--but what do you want from that money? What do you want to do with your time? With whom do you want to spend your time?

TACTIC: Generate more dream ideas by looking at your priorities and past.

The answers to these questions should reveal to you more about what you want to do. What are you are willing to sacrifice? How you are willing to live in order to follow your dream?

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