CHI AlbumCHI Album: Images of Chicago, Illinois, USA

Descriptive Tags

These are tags used to describe locations and photos. The link on each tag takes you to a page showing thumbnails of photos tagged with that term.

  • Place Area
    • goldcoast (map): south to Oak and west to LaSalle, excluding the Carl Sandburg Village housing development between LaSalle, Dearborn, Division, and North (located in Old Town).
    • streeterville (map): in Chicago north of the Chicago River; bounded by the river on the south, Michigan Avenue on the west, and Lake Michigan on the north and east
    • rivernorth (map): in the Near North Side community area; bounded by Rush Street to the east, Chicago Avenue to the north, and the Chicago River to the south and west
    • loop (map): bounded on the west and north by the Chicago River, on the east by Lake Michigan, and on the south by Roosevelt Road
    • grantpark (map): Park along Lake Michigan downtown; bordered on the north by Randolph Street, on the south by McFetridge Drive, on the west by Michigan Avenue and on the east by Lake Michigan; includes Millennium Park
    • museumcampus (map): lakefront park in Chicago that surrounds three museums dedicated to the natural sciences: the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum of Natural History
  • Place Type
    • home (map): housing of any kind--house, apartment, trailer, or condos
    • lodging (map): temporary lodging of any kind--hotel, motel, inn, bed and breakfast
    • museum (map): displays of objects and educational and other activities
    • office (map): office area or building; includes business of all kinds--banks, legal, insurance, media, etc.
    • park (map): recreational area; parks provided by city, county, or state government; zoos, golfcourse, playing field; or private parks, fairgrounds, festival, or amusement areas
    • public (map): public buildings like schools, libraries, or offices for city, county, state, or federal government functions and uses
    • restaurant (map): dining of all kinds; where the focus is food primarily; see also the cafes place type for a coffee focus, or the bars place type where libations are the focus
    • school (map): learning and education at all levels, public and private
    • store (map): retail sales of all kinds--clothing, food, etc
    • venue (map): building or location (arena, theater, convention center, stage, grounds) where movies, plays, music, performing arts, sports, or convention-related activities are provided for an audience or participants
  • Photo Category
    • scene: documentary-style photographs of the area's streets, parks, stores, architecture, and events
  • Photo Resolution
    • hi: high resolution photos; using 10 megapixel camera

Locations and Photos

These are the locations and photos available at each.

photo album pagePhoto album page
Web siteLink to Web site
yelp linkLink to yelp review site

photo album page 333 West Wacker Drive (loop office yelp link) The Building
photo album page Adler Planetarium (museumcampus museum Web site yelp link) The Building
photo album page Art Institute of Chicago (grantpark museum school Web site yelp link) Entrance
photo album page Buckingham Fountain (grantpark Web site yelp link) Fountain and Skyline
photo album page Chicago Public Library (loop public Web site) South Side, Roof Decorations
photo album page Chicago Sun Times (rivernorth office Web site yelp link) The Building
photo album page Chicago Theatre (loop venue Web site yelp link) The Marquee
photo album page Field Museum (museumcampus museum Web site yelp link) The Building
photo album page Harry Caray's (rivernorth restaurant Web site yelp link) The Building
photo album page House of Blues (rivernorth venue Web site yelp link) The Building along Dearborn
photo album page Illinois Thompson Center (loop public office restaurant Web site yelp link) The Building
photo album page Marina City (rivernorth home restaurant Web site) Parking on the River, Wollensky's
photo album page Merchandise Mart (rivernorth store office Web site yelp link) The Building, Hall of Fame, Riverside
photo album page Millennium Park (grantpark park Web site yelp link) The Bean, Inside the Bean
photo album page Museum of Contemporary Art (streeterville museum Web site yelp link) Stairs Exhibit
photo album page NBC Tower (streeterville office Web site yelp link) The Tower
photo album page Newberry Library (goldcoast school Web site yelp link) Along Walton Street
photo album page Trump Tower (rivernorth lodging office home Web site yelp link) Under Construction
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