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  • Cleopatra's Wedge: 18-foot-tall (5.5 m) carbon steel sculpture by Beverly Pepper, 1991; Area: Burns Commons
  • Statue of Robert Burns: statue and memorial area with benches including poetry samples, recognition of donors, organizations related to Robert Burns; Area: Burns Commons
  • Eclipse: from Burns Commons, continue east on Ogden Avenue, to the walkway; the globe sculpture at the top of stairs overlooking Lake Michigan is Jill Sebastian's sculpture "Eclipse," 2000; Area: Burns Commons
  • The Bronz Fonz: by the southeast corner of the Wells Street Bridge across the Milwaukee River; a statue of Henry Winkler who portrayed the character "Fonzie" on the television show "Happy Days" which had a fictional Milwaukee setting; this is about a 4 minute walk west of the streetcar platform at Broadway and Wells, about 300 meters; Area: City Hall (Wells Street)
  • Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN), 191 N Broadway; Area: Third Ward (Public Market)
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Burns Commons

Hop Stop: Burns Commons (terminus)

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