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Explore Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; The largest city in Wisconsin has been known for more than a century for its beer, but Milwaukee also is much more--a city with a beautiful setting on Lake Michigan, many festivals, colleges, businesses, Harleys, theater, a rich arts scene, and genuine people. Milwaukee, founded over 175 years ago, sits at the confluence of three rivers and today provides a meeting place for conventions, festivals, and business. Milwaukee's emergence as a major national city at the start of the twentieth century marked its importance as a port and business center, but also as a destination for immigrants. Milwaukee in the 21st century is the cultural, industrial, business, education, media, and tourism capital of Wisconsin and its only racially diverse large city; Milwaukee has more young people, more college students, more businesses, more workers, etc., than any other city in Wisconsin.


This web helps you explore Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; here, you'll find organized and annotated links to Web sites about Milwaukee's current conditions, facts, activities, events, places, sports, civic life, media, education, commerce, and reference works about Milwaukee. You can view and link to this information in a variety of ways, and your suggestions are welcome. Use the links at the top of this page to navigate and access this information


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Milwaukee is home to major-league basketball and baseball, pro hockey and soccer, and NCAA Division I sports

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